About Me

My passion for art began when I was very young.  At a young age, I was diagnosed with both ADHD and a perceptual motor delay and art gave me something that I could gain confidence. My parents introduced me to the world of interior design. I actually was raised in their offices, around fabric, draperies and numerous other odds and ends of their industry. I sat in on photo shoots of jobs that ended up being published in Architectural Digest. So it is not anything new to be primping and fluffing for a photo shoot.

I was five years old, when I was given my first point and shoot camera, which I used throughout most of my childhood. Yet, it was not until high school that I remember that first spark of passion for photography.  I excelled in photography and it gave me a way to express myself. It also helped to compensate for “not so great” eye-hand coordination, essential skills needed for drawing and/or painting. I knew then, that someday I wanted a career in the photography profession.

My father had many books in-regards to photography, which he gave me to study. My Mom pushed me to participate in after school art programs and also school competitions. Both of my parents helped to nurture my interest in this field. I attended several pre-college art programs which helped to define a clear path towards pursuing an education in the Fine Arts.

Along with a higher education, I continued to develop my skills and an unsatisfying interest in the field of photography. I was given my first SLR camera in High School. It was a Minolta XE-7. And, although I still have that camera and continue to use it today, my favorite is my digital SLR Canon 5d Mark II.